Packaging and repackaging


Retems Logistics offers the product packaging and repackaging services. High-quality work is the key to careful transportation, during which the goods retain their operational and aesthetic parameters. The service is provided in full compliance with applicable standards and taking into account the wishes of the customer.

By entrusting the work to our company, the client will be able to forget about the significant costs associated with self-packaging and wasting time on carrying out of packaging and repackaging works.

Advantages of warehouse packaging and repackaging

Packaging and repackaging of goods is carried out using special containers. Depending on the type of product, the following are used: bags, sacks, cardboard boxes, packing-boxes, etc. Warehouse areas where the personnel fulfill customer orders are equipped with all the necessary equipment and loading mechanisms. The advantages of the product packaging and repackaging service are as follows:

  • ensuring the integrity of the contents of package
  • compliance with the storage conditions of products
  • maintaining of documentation related to goods and manufacturers
  • guarantee of convenience of transportation, loading and unloading