Cargo storage


Cargo storage is highly demanded in the field of logistics. When it is required to ensure the placement and storage of cargo before or after its shipment, this type of warehouse services is the best solution. Cargo storage implies the temporary transfer of the customer’s cargo to our warehouse to ensure its safety and integrity. Our warehouses for storing goods are equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing to receive any cargo.

Our company offers storage services for almost any product or cargo. Service includes the following steps:

  • unloading and receiving of goods
  • placement of a consignment of goods in warehouses
  • compliance with storage and handling conditions
  • loading and unloading works
  • selection and completing of goods for shipment (at the request of the client)
  • verification of the prepared consignment and preparation of the necessary documentation
  • shipment of goods from the warehouse to the client (or delivery of goods to the specified address)

Loading-unloading works


Loading and unloading works – are an important component of warehouse logistics. Loading-unloading works are a complex of works within the framework of storage services aimed at loading and unloading various types of cargo. The work can be performed both manually and using specialized equipment. The timeliness of the delivery of the clients’ cargo directly depends on this type of work.

Loading and unloading works at the warehouse include the following types of work:

  • unloading of transport
  • receipt of goods
  • placement and stacking of goods for their subsequent storage
  • selection of goods from storage locations
  • packaging of goods and their completing
  • movement of goods inside the warehouse
  • loading into transport
  • delivery to the destination

Professional employees of Retems Logistics carry out reception, high-quality processing and shipment of selected goods on time, regardless of the volume of orders, optimizing all work processes.


Packaging and repackaging


Retems Logistics offers the product packaging and repackaging services. High-quality work is the key to careful transportation, during which the goods retain their operational and aesthetic parameters. The service is provided in full compliance with applicable standards and taking into account the wishes of the customer.

By entrusting the work to our company, the client will be able to forget about the significant costs associated with self-packaging and wasting time on carrying out of packaging and repackaging works.

Advantages of warehouse packaging and repackaging

Packaging and repackaging of goods is carried out using special containers. Depending on the type of product, the following are used: bags, sacks, cardboard boxes, packing-boxes, etc. Warehouse areas where the personnel fulfill customer orders are equipped with all the necessary equipment and loading mechanisms. The advantages of the product packaging and repackaging service are as follows:

  • ensuring the integrity of the contents of package
  • compliance with the storage conditions of products
  • maintaining of documentation related to goods and manufacturers
  • guarantee of convenience of transportation, loading and unloading

Sorting and palletizing 


Sorting is one of the methods of cargo handling. When accepting goods for storage, Retems Logistics employees sort them first. This is necessary for the rational placement of goods in the warehouse, as well as for further logistics. Sorting operations are also needed at other stages of the processing of the stored goods – during the formation of combined batches, distribution or delivery to customers.

We carry out high-quality and efficient sorting of goods at the warehouse – we classify them carefully and responsibly, taking into account all important characteristics.

Sorting and palletizing are two interrelated processes. After the goods have been sorted, they need to be moved to the storage area. If you resort to special stacking of cargo on a pallet and securing it with stretch tape, then you can move the goods as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Stacking cargo on a pallet with its subsequent stretch-wrapping – this is the palletizing of goods in the warehouse. Our company also provides this service. The palletized cargo is conveniently moved and loaded / unloaded using special equipment, as well as stored in a suitable cell.

Pallets can have standard sizes or be made to order for a specific marketable style and size. They fit any cargo, regardless of its packaging.


Marking and labeling 


Product and cargo marking – is a special barcode that is applied to the product. Its main purpose is to bring basic information about the properties and characteristics of the goods, the conditions of their loading, storage or transportation to the participants of the logistics cycle.

Retems Logistics labels each order received using barcodes and warehouse labels. The implementation of such an operation helps to control the layout of goods and products in the warehouse, as well as their sorting on racks.

What is the marking and labeling service for?

The main role of marking and labeling is to simplify the work with the goods received at the warehouse. With the help of small stickers, tags or labels, you can identify any product in order to find out all the necessary information about it in the future by performing only a visual inspection of the item. This aspect is important for creating and observing the necessary conditions for storing goods.

In order for product labeling to be as informative as possible, certain requirements are imposed on the performance of this operation. Labels should be:

  • Made from a material that ensures high-quality and durable printing
  • Reliably fixed on the surface to be marked
  • Resistant to any temperature conditions

The applied marking is also necessary for the carrier, since it informs him about the characteristics of the cargo. After a visual acquaintance with the goods, he plans the optimal route – such as to deliver the order safe and sound.




Warehouse distribution is a logistic process of organizing and managing the supply of goods to a potential consumer. This term is part of marketing and is developed for each product or company separately. One of its most important advantages is the geographical distribution of goods across regions. In addition, this process plays an important role not only in the expansion, but also in the establishment of the sales process at various points of sale.

Distribution of goods, that is, finding sales channels, is an important marketing task for the company. It affects the final cost of the product, its safety, appearance and packaging, before the product is in the hands of the final consumer.

Consequently, the buyer receives and evaluates the product after it passes each link of the logical supply chain.

Highly qualified specialists of the Retems Logistics will form and organize the process of delivery of your goods to the recipient clients, as well as ensure the promotion of your product at the local level.

With our wide experience and cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide customized solutions tailored specifically to your business needs.