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Transportation of oversized, heavy and dangerous cargo


Transportation of oversized, heavy and dangerous cargo – is a complex process that requires special machinery, equipment, support, permits, preliminary agreements and experience.

Oversized (heavy) cargo is a cargo, the actual dimensions or weight of which is higher than the maximum permissible values ​​established in the countries through which such cargo is transported.

The carriage of oversized (heavy) cargo is regulated by the rules for the carriage of oversized or super heavy cargo, which may differ depending on the country in which the carriage is carried out.

Services for the transportation of oversized, heavy and dangerous cargo include:

  • Obtaining permits for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo
  • Development of the optimal transportation route, taking into account transport rules, requirements, wishes of customers
  • Coordination of additional details with various institutions
  • Support of oversized cargo to ensure smooth, consistent and safe cargo transportation
  • Consulting by professional specialists

Charter cargo transportation 


The service of cargo delivery by charter flight in most cases is relevant for legal entities and individuals sending urgent and especially valuable cargo. This category includes oversized, dangerous and other cargo, the guaranteed value and safety of which significantly exceeds the cost of transportation expenses. The service is also relevant for those who prioritize not only minimal risks, but also the highest delivery speed.

Sometimes transportation by a charter flight is carried out in conditions of urgency, sometimes in safety (valuable cargo), and in some cases it is the only possible option for delivering cargo from point A to point B.

This is due either to the inconvenience of the regular flight schedule, or to the impossibility of delivery by other means of transport.

Charter cargo transportation – is the best option for those who need urgent transportation of goods to hard-to-reach areas. This is a guarantee of high speed, complete safety, as well as an excellent opportunity to transport almost any type of goods.