Cargo storage


Cargo storage is highly demanded in the field of logistics. When it is required to ensure the placement and storage of cargo before or after its shipment, this type of warehouse services is the best solution. Cargo storage implies the temporary transfer of the customer’s cargo to our warehouse to ensure its safety and integrity. Our warehouses for storing goods are equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing to receive any cargo.

Our company offers storage services for almost any product or cargo. Service includes the following steps:

  • unloading and receiving of goods
  • placement of a consignment of goods in warehouses
  • compliance with storage and handling conditions
  • loading and unloading works
  • selection and completing of goods for shipment (at the request of the client)
  • verification of the prepared consignment and preparation of the necessary documentation
  • shipment of goods from the warehouse to the client (or delivery of goods to the specified address)