Marking and labeling 


Product and cargo marking – is a special barcode that is applied to the product. Its main purpose is to bring basic information about the properties and characteristics of the goods, the conditions of their loading, storage or transportation to the participants of the logistics cycle.

Retems Logistics labels each order received using barcodes and warehouse labels. The implementation of such an operation helps to control the layout of goods and products in the warehouse, as well as their sorting on racks.

What is the marking and labeling service for?

The main role of marking and labeling is to simplify the work with the goods received at the warehouse. With the help of small stickers, tags or labels, you can identify any product in order to find out all the necessary information about it in the future by performing only a visual inspection of the item. This aspect is important for creating and observing the necessary conditions for storing goods.

In order for product labeling to be as informative as possible, certain requirements are imposed on the performance of this operation. Labels should be:

  • Made from a material that ensures high-quality and durable printing
  • Reliably fixed on the surface to be marked
  • Resistant to any temperature conditions

The applied marking is also necessary for the carrier, since it informs him about the characteristics of the cargo. After a visual acquaintance with the goods, he plans the optimal route – such as to deliver the order safe and sound.