General Freight Forwarding


Air transportation


Air transportation – is a convenient and fast way to transport goods, wide geography, deadlines, guaranteed safety of cargo and optimization of time and money costs. The presence of established routes and connections allows Retems Logistics to transport goods by air in any direction.

Advantages of air transportation:

  • Flexibility and guaranteed through-put for high-value freight traffic
  • The highest speed of cargo delivery
  • High reliability
  • Highest cargo safety
  • Shortest transportation routes

Sea transportation


In the system of the global economy, one of the central places is occupied by sea transportation. It accounts for about 80% of all foreign trade operations. At the same time, the total tonnage of transported goods by water is growing every year, as the degree of participation of the developing countries of the world increases. Sea transportation is the simplest, most reliable and most cost-effective mode of transport.

Advantages of sea transportation:

  • Transportation of oversized cargo by sea
  • Specialized services for large crossings and non-container cargo
  • Possibility of intercontinental transportation
  • Low cost of long-distance transportation
  • Very high carrying capacity

Road transportation


Modern global logistics and trade cannot be imagined without road transportation. This is one of the most convenient, reliable, relatively inexpensive and fastest ways to transport material assets. Road transportation is very popular due to a number of advantages that it has over other types of delivery.

The most significant advantages include:

  • Local, inter-city, national and international transportation
  • The most affordable option
  • High speed of delivery
  • Possibility of transportation of small consignments
  • Regularity of routes
  • Possibility of cargo delivery “from door to door”

Railway transportation


Railway transportation is the most demanded type of logistics services that allows you to quickly, inexpensively and efficiently transport goods both within the country and between states. This is one of the most profitable and safest ways to move cargo over a long distance. The popularity of this type of delivery is that the goods arrive at their destination on time and without delay.

Advantages of railway transportation:

  • Freight transport is safe, stable and punctual
  • High speed of delivery of goods
  • High transportation and carrying capacity
  • Does not depend on climatic conditions, time of year and day
  • High regularity of transportation
  • Low cost
  • Possibility of transportation of significant consignments